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Zhejiang Xinchai Co., Ltd is a famous company in China for manufacturing multi-cylinder diesel engine, and also a state-level high-tech enterprise. It plays a leading role in sharing the market of small and medium tonnage forklift, medium power tractor, and combine harvester, etc. Its annual output and sales exceed 200,000 sets. So far as year of 2013, there are more than 1,800,000 sets of xinchai engines in the market.

XINCHAI has manufactured engines for more than 40years. There are now more than 1000 staffs in the company. The total asset is RMB 1 billion. It covers an area of 500 mu (200,001 square meters). It is capable of producing 300,000 sets of engines annually.

XINCHAI now has four diesel engine platforms as N, D, K, V. The displacement is ranging from 2L to 4.8L, and the power from 25 HP to 120 HP. The products are mainly used for forklifts, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, light trucks and generating sets. The products are well known all over the country and exported to many foreign countries such asSoutheast Asia, American and European countries, etc.

XINCHAI insists the philosophy of “reliability and durability, energy conservation and environment protection”. It is supported by a provincial enterprise research institute, and a state-level post-doctoral research with 21 well functionalized research lab and a mass of experienced researchers. Xinchai has been cooperating with world-class engine consulting companies and famous universities years, which is the reason it keeps to lead in off-road engine market.

XINCHAI abides by the philosophy of “Customer foremost and Service first”. In recent years, Xinchai constantly enhances the process control ability according to TS16949 system requirements, which makes the quality better than domestic similar products. Xinchai pays big attention to service, as far there are more than 500 service stations and multi-level systems of parts supply. And also more than 200 professional technicians provide door-to-door service all over the country.

XINCHAI is a private enterprise exuding honesty and openness. It undertakes social responsibility actively and was awarded as" China?model?integrity enterprise", "national advanced worker enterprise", "China IC engine achievement award” and so on, enjoying a good market reputation and public credibility. The products were named as “national inspection-free products". The trademark was identified as "China well-known trademark”.

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