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Deputy director of provincial standing committee Mao Guanglie made a research to XINCHAI


Feb 15.2016, Mao Guanglie, deputy director of provincial standing committee, accompanied by county party secretary Shao Quanmao, county head Li Ning, county director Qiu Ziping and other leaders, took a research to XINCHAI. Board chairman of XINCHAI Group Company Yu Bojin, board chairman of XINCHAI co., ltd Wang Baohu, general manager Zhang Hu kept company with.

Director Mao visited the product exhibition center, power research institute, assembly shop and testing shop. Board chairman Yu Bojin introduced products, transformation and upgrading plan, reform of science and technology system, etc. Director Mao affirmed company’s concentrating on off-road engines for several decades and company’s upgrading strategy, he also hoped that XINCHAI would insist on technology innovation, realize from automation to intelligent and develop mid and high grade market.

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