Marketing area

Sales manager Area Mobile phone
Zhang Yueqin Northern Zhejiang 13905854039
Pang Yueming Southern Zhejiang (1) 13758509688
Zhang Hongjun Western Shandong 13605854462
Shi Changqing Deere、 the Northeast of china、zhonggong 13967581815
Liangping east of shandong 13905854076
Seeking Huajun Henan 13967593505
He Jiang Shanghai, southern Jiangsu 13806766347
Xu Xianneng Fujian, southern Zhejiang (2) 13506750129
Li Qiang Hunan, Guangxi 13857597058
Yu Huaigang Northern jiangsu 13616856188

International trade

At present, our products are directly exported to the United States, Southeast Asia and South Asia, the Middle East, EU, Australia, Russia and other former CIS countries. In addition to the direct export and domestic tractors, combine harvesters, forklifts, loaders, excavators, small small generators are exported to all over the world.

International trade contacts:Miss Ding Jieqiong

Telephone: 0086-575-86290401 0086-13967587187

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